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Digital marketing or digital media marketing, is a form of advertising that allows for the promotion of brands and products through electronic device, digital channels like social media, search engines, websites, and more... The internet also impacts how consumers actually purchase their products and services.

What is the use of digital media?

Digital media are the tools (websites, apps, etc.) that establish digital presence. The public wants to see digital media used to facilitate more effective business interactions and communication with government. Digital media is a transformative technology that is dramatically changing the face of government.

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Digital Marketing

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Is digital media the same as social media?

While the two encompass different components, social media
marketing is a part of digital marketing. However, while digital
marketing will include promoting across multiple channels,
social media marketing is limited to internet based social
media platforms

How social media fits in to digital marketing​

Digital marketing as a category is a beast. It can be considered
to encompass social media marketing. Digital marketing can deliver content immediately, and can often be targeted to narrow
consumer demographics.